About United for a New Economy Action

UNE Action Members ready to canvass

Our Mission:

UNE Action builds people power for racial and economic justice so all Coloradans thrive. We do this by organizing in our communities across race, winning bold policy solutions for all, and building a multiracial voting majority that transforms our economic, political and social system.

Our Vision:

UNE Action envisions vibrant, strong communities with the power to build an economic, political, and social system where human lives are valued over profit and our common humanity triumphs over those that try to divide us by race and class.

United for a New Economy Action (UNEA), as a 501(c)(4) organization, has the prerogative to publicly endorse candidates for elected office whom we deem to be aligned with our mission, values, and organizational priorities.

Our Work:

At UNE Action, we work together with elected officials and community partners to achieve this vision and mission by:

  • Empowering local governments to tackle housing challenges by removing the statewide ban on local solutions like rent stabilization;
  • Cultivating healthier communities where tenants can live with predictable rents;
  • Building stability for tenants to grow roots without fear by requiring landlords to have concrete grounds for eviction; and
  • Ensuring community health and landlord accountability through proactive rental inspection programs that promote safe, dignified living conditions for all.

The strength of our community lies in our resilience, our shared vision, and the ability to organize across our differences. Being voters and working in partnership with those we elect is pivotal. It builds an just society where policies reflect the communities that we want to build. Together with candidates and community members, we are organizing relentlessly to ensure that stable, dignified housing is the norm.

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