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Position Announcement: Field Coordinator, United for A New Economy (UNE)

United for A New Economy (UNE) is seeking a Field Coordinator who will lead the implementation of UNE’s relational civic engagement and deep canvassing efforts to advance ballot initiatives, legislative priorities and issue campaigns, as well as occasionally leading electoral programs for UNE’s sibling organization, UNE Action. The Field Coordinator will design a program to integrate voter engagement into all aspects of our organizing, ensuring that our communities are the one’s crafting a vision for a thriving Colorado, and holding our elected officials accountable to that vision at the federal, state, and local level. This is a senior level position which will report to the Executive Director and work closely with the Organizing and Deputy Directors.

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About UNE: UNE is a membership-led nonprofit organization committed to building grass-roots power in communities around the Denver metro area to ensure that our economic and political systems work for all Coloradans, especially low income people, communities of color, and immigrants. UNE’s work is driven by community members and the problems that impact their daily lives. Members can identify issues of injustice, research potential solutions, and form committees to formulate strategic, collective action to create change that will benefit their families and neighbors. UNE utilizes various strategies including community organizing, popular education, policy development and advocacy, leadership development, and coalition-building to achieve its goals. UNE believes that meaningful change is community-led, and aims to organize communities and uplift the voice of marginalized people, particularly people of color, in-order to create a more just economy for all Colorado residents.

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