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About UNE: United for a New Economy (UNE) is a multiracial community organization building people power in the cities surrounding Denver through community organizing, strategic research and civic engagement to create a thriving economy in Colorado. We believe a thriving economy includes livable wages, worker’s rights, equitable access to dignified housing and the ability to live free of racism and fear. UNE’s work is driven by focusing on the leadership development of community members to create a vision for their cities that empower them and their neighbors to address the issues that impact their daily lives. Organizers identify and recruit community members to identify local issues, implement strategic research strategies, and take public action to create change. UNE utilizes various strategies including power-based relational organizing, political education, policy development, issue advocacy, leadership development, civic engagement and coalition-building to achieve its goals. UNE believes that meaningful change happens through community members organizing their own communities, especially communities traditionally excluded from decision making and positions of leadership such as working families, people of color and immigrants.

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