Respect: We see a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. This means that no inequality, racism, patriarchy and any form of oppression. Everyone deserves to live without fear or violence.
Equity: No one deserves to be left behind. We see our neighbors sharing their stories and holding big corporations, elected officials and decision makers accountable. We see a world where the system is balanced by meeting people where they are without judgement and dictation of rights and resources.
Democracy & Human Rights: We see a world where all voices are heard. Our country is built on the principle that everyone has a right to stand up and fight.
People Power: We see our neighbors who have everything to lose and still take the streets to rally for unity and dignity, because we see that our destinies are intertwined. In a time when so many families struggle just to make ends meet and face open racial discrimination, the movement needs to focus more on organizing and developing leaders to build grassroots people power we need to build a new economy that works for everyone.