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In Case You Missed It, UNE Action Is In The News!! In the five years, Inez Marquez has lived at the Copperwood Apartments, she says the rent for the one-bedroom unit she shares with her children has doubled, and the bill often includes other, unexplained charges. She hopes the city will adopt an affordable-housing platform developed by residents, which includes a “Renters Bill of Rights.”

ACTION ALERT: Saturday September 30th United for a New Economy Action To Hold Community Assembly On Renter’s Rights And Affordable Housing Join Us Here: UNEA members are calling on local elected officials to publicly support and commit to the community driven solutions as laid out in the “Westminster Housing Platform”; crafted by WOW leaders. Affordable Housing Platform Includes: Permanent Funding for affordable housing and rental assistance, Renter’s Bill of Rights—Translated Leases, Itemized Receipts and Free Legal Aid, Citywide Maintenance Standards & Landlord Accountability. The assembly will also include testimony from WOW leaders, Westminster City Council and Housing Experts. For this week’s Please Explain, we’re discussing DACA with Hasan Shafiqullah, Attorney-In-Charge of the Immigration Law Unit at The Legal Aid Society. We’re also joined by Pamela Resendiz, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico City, Mexico, and a community organizer who advocates for workers and immigrants’ rights in Colorado as the Deputy Director for United for a New Economy. They explain what DACA is, how it’s changing, who it affects and what can be done about it. UNE also offers its trainings and materials in one-on-one sessions at people’s homes. This is to try and create an environment where those seeking these resources feel safe and unthreatened. This is also how UNE tries to build deeper and more intimate relationships with the immigrant community in order to help them to express their rights, organize and empower each other and their communities.



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